Towanda Township Code Enforcement

Towanda Township enforces the uniform construction code.

The agency to contact for Building permit applications, and general information is Code Inspections, Inc. Code Inspections, Inc. is a full service agency providing professional inspection services.

RR 2 Box 175C
Gulf Rd
Troy, PA 16347

570-297-3928 (phone)
570-297-3918 (fax)

Hours of operation:
Monday’s 8am-11:30am
Wednesday’s 1pm-4pm
Friday’s 8am-11:30am
*Please be aware that if you are in the any Flood Zone or
Airport Zone there are special regulations you must meet
first before building or doing certain remodeling.
be advised there are strick penalties if you do not abide
to the laws of the local government.

If you need a driveway permit and you are located
off a Township road you can obtain the permit at the
Township office.  If you are located off a State road
located in the Township you must contact the State
for the permit, you can call 265-2181 and they
should be able to help you.